Automotive Market Trends

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Welcome to the Market Trends Analytics section of In this area, we offer a graphical analysis of the latest trends in the automotive industry. Our focus is on providing information about the average daily prices, mileage, and inventory levels of prominent car dealerships in the United States.

Our coverage includes a range of dealers, from fleet rental car agencies to Carmax and Carvana. Our aim is to provide you with a data-centric view that helps you make well-informed choices. Explore the current trends, compare different dealers, and gain valuable insights to enhance your car purchasing experience.

U.S. Fleet Sales Inventory Major Rental Car Companies

Daily average price, average mileage and inventory

Avis, Enterprise and Hertz

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Daily CARMAX Sales Inventory

Daily average price, average mileage and inventory

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Used Tesla Direct Sales Inventory Report

Daily average price, mileage and inventory

Tesla used inventory sold direct by Tesla

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Daily Average Prices, Mileage and Inventory - CARVANA Report

Daily average price, average mileage and inventory

Carvana Report

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Understanding Market Analytics

In the ever-evolving car industry, staying abreast of market trends is crucial. This is where market analytics come into play. Market analytics provide valuable insights into the industry's dynamics, helping both buyers and sellers make informed decisions. On, we offer a comprehensive "Market Trends" page that presents daily updated graphs reporting the daily average price, daily average mileage, and daily inventory for major car dealers in the United States.

Daily Average Price

The daily average price is a crucial metric that reflects the average cost of cars on a particular day. This figure is calculated by taking the total cost of all cars sold on that day and dividing it by the number of cars sold. Tracking this metric over time can reveal price trends, helping buyers identify the best time to make a purchase and sellers to set competitive prices.

Daily Average Mileage

The Daily Average Mileage is a key metric that provides potential buyers with an estimate of the typical mileage for vehicles currently available in the inventory. This figure is calculated by averaging the total mileage of all vehicles listed for sale on a given day. A higher average mileage indicates that the vehicles in the inventory have been used more extensively before being listed for sale. This could suggest that these vehicles may have experienced more wear and tear, which could potentially impact their longevity and maintenance needs. Conversely, a lower average mileage suggests that the vehicles in the inventory are relatively newer or have been less used. These vehicles may offer more years of service and require less immediate maintenance, making them potentially more attractive to buyers. Understanding the Daily Average Mileage can help buyers set realistic expectations about a vehicle's condition and value, aiding in making an informed purchase decision.

Daily Inventory

Lastly, the daily inventory metric provides a snapshot of the number of cars available in the market on a given day. This metric can indicate the level of supply and demand in the market, with high inventory levels suggesting a buyer's market (more supply than demand), and low inventory levels indicating a seller's market (more demand than supply). Understanding this dynamic can help buyers and sellers strategize their actions to get the best deals.

CarFinderZone market analytics serve as a valuable tool in the car industry, offering insights that can guide decision-making for both buyers and sellers. By understanding these metrics, you can navigate the market with greater confidence and efficiency.

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