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2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L

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Vehicle Details:
Price History
Price: $6,867 *Dealer Price
Odyssey EX-L


Odometer(Miles): 193,475
Trim: EX-L
Body Style: MINIVAN
VIN: 5FNRL5H6XCB049474
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: not available
Drivetrain: Front-Wheel Drive
Engine: V6 Cylinder Engine
Fuel Type Gasoline
MPG City: 18
MPG Highway: 27
MPG Combined: 21
Transmission: Automatic
Dealer: Dch Honda Of Temecula
Location: Temecula, CA

Price History

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Historical details about listing. It includes price, location and vendor.
Date Price KBB Price KBB Difference Mileage City StateVendor
Jul 15, 2024 D E L I S T E D / S O L D
Jul 14, 2024 $6,867 - - 193,475 Temecula CA Lithia
Jun 28, 2024 $7,107 - - 193,475 Temecula CA Lithia
Jun 27, 2024 D E L I S T E D / S O L D
Jun 20, 2024 $7,107 - - 193,475 Temecula CA Driveway
Jun 13, 2024 $7,318 - - 193,475 Temecula CA Lithia
Jun 07, 2024 $7,561 - - 193,475 Temecula CA Lithia