2019 Toyota Camry LE

Listing Status: Absent!
Likely no longer available.
Vehicle Details:
Price History
Price: $23,994 *Dealer Price


Odometer(Miles): 21,711
Trim: LE
Body Style: SEDAN
VIN: 4T1B11HK9KU823745
Exterior Color: Brownstone
Interior Color: Black
Doors: 4
Drivetrain: Fwd
Engine: A25a 2.5l
Fuel Type Gasoline
MPG City: 28
MPG Highway: 39
MPG Combined: 32
Transmission: 8 Speed Elect Controlled Auto Transmission W/inte.
Dealer: Parkway Toyota Of Boston
Location: Boston, MA

Price History

Price History Graph - 2019 Toyota Camry 4T1B11HK9KU823745 | www.CarFinderZone.com
Historical details about listing. It includes price, location and vendor.
Date Price KBB Price KBB Difference Mileage City StateVendor
Apr 03, 2024 D E L I S T E D
Jan 18, 2024 $23,994 - - 21,711 Boston MA Toyota Inventory